Following a paleo lifestyle can be challenging, especially when it comes to $$$. I eat paleo when I can, but stick to a budget. With my Dietetics background, I also recognize the benefits of some non-paleo foods (like non-fat dairy) & let those foods sneak their way into some recipes :) plus I love wine...and rum...and whiskey...

Giveaway: GIR Spatulas!


Remember when I wrote about my 13 Essential Tools for the Paleo Kitchen? Well, that was just the tip of the iceberg. My house is filled with everything from spiral slicers and deli slicers to sous vide cookers and multiple pressure cookers. I have gyuto knives, julienne peelers, and dishers of every conceivable size. My ever-growing collection drives my neat freak husband bananas, but hey: all these doodads make cooking more fun, and they help get food onto the dinner table. So there.

GIR Spatula Giveaway! by Michelle Tam

Still, this doesn’t mean I’ll buy just any old crappy gadget I spot on Pinterest or late night infomercials. I’m a discriminating gadget queen, and always make sure to do my research on sites like ConsumerSearch, Cook’s Illustrated, and The Sweethome before plunking down my cash. I also pay heed to the advice of my favorite culinary gurus like Michael Ruhlman, who long ago convinced me that rounded wooden spoons are stupid:

I have only one thing to add to Michael’s rant against wooden spoons: while I agree that wood remains a “great material” for cooking implements, I’ve come to prefer kitchen tools that don’t warp, stain, or scorch over time. That’s why I switched to flat-edged, silicone-headed spatulas a few years ago. But they’re certainly not perfect, either: The silicone heads can be too floppy (which can make mixing a challenge), and I have to separate the heads from the handles every time I wash ’em (or risk mildew growth—yuck). Plus, they’re kind of blah-looking.

But then, a few months ago, the clouds parted.

GIR Spatula Giveaway! by Michelle Tam

Earlier this year, at the Food Blog Forum in Orlando, I fished a gorgeous blue GIR spatula out of my swag bag. GIR stands for “Get It Right”—and the creators certainly did just that. I was instantly struck by the spatula’s sleek design, super-comfortable grip, and well balanced heft. I couldn’t wait to try it out.

In the months since, I’ve used my GIR spatula for all manner of kitchen tasks, from folding and mixing "ice cream" to make bon bons

GIR Spatula Giveaway! by Michelle Tam

…to sautéing onions and flipping burger patties.

GIR Spatula Giveaway! by Michelle Tam

GIR spatulas are truly fantastic, and as sturdy as they are beautiful. Unlike their wooden (or wood-and-silicone) counterparts, GIR spatulas won’t warp or burn—nor will they stain after stirring a pot of marinara sauce. Also, the full-body silicone construction means I don’t have pull the head off the handle before tossing it in the dishwasher.

And did I mention that the design is a feast for the eyes?

Seriously: I love my GIR spatulas. Priced at $22.50 each, these babies aren’t cheap, but they’re well worth the price. Don’t believe me? Lucky for you, a few of my lucky readers will win three of their own GIR spatulas—for free!

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